The classic tried-and-true album of environment and conservation songs, for kids of all ages. Includes the award-winning “What’s That, Habitat?” (part of United Nations music compilation to celebrate the Earth Charter) and singable tunes about cycles in nature, biodiversity and First Nations perspectives. Kids may remember these messages for a lifetime!

Enviro-singer Remy Rodden—a bilingual, rich-voiced teacher and biologist – is committed to helping children learn about nature. Remy’s many years as an adventurer, camp leader, educator and entertainer uniquely position him to delight and “edutain” family audiences. He draws on his experience of countless school presentations, travels and performances in all continents (yes, even Antarctica) and a wilderness life in Canada’s Yukon Territory. He is a certified teacher with specialization in biology, environmental science, outdoor, and experiential education and puts them to full use in his music.